6 Best Litecoin Miners

Many people like the idea of mining cryptocurrency, but they do not want to start mining Bitcoin for one reason or another. Instead, they are turning to one of the other popular options when it comes to cryptocurrency – Litecoin. This currency is newer than Bitcoin, but it has been gaining popularity, and it is still relatively easy to mine, as long as you make sure that you are working with the right type of hardware.

When you are choosing a miner, you want to make sure you find those miners that offer quality and speed, naturally. After all, the more speed a miner has the more work it can do in a shorter period. You also want reliability and ease of use when you are working with a Litecoin miner, and you want to find a reasonable cost.

Let’s take a quick look at six of the best Litecoin miners on the market that you might want to consider using.

Antminer L3

The Antminer L3 from Bitmain is a quality option that provides some great value for the money. It is lightweight, relatively quiet, and it consumes only a small amount of electricity. The hashrate for the device also happens to be very impressive at around 255Mh/s.

Antminer L3+

While the regular Antminer L3 can be a great choice, you will also want to consider the L3+. While it does have a higher cost, it is capable of providing you with a hashrate that is nearly twice as high at 504 Mh/s.

A4 Dominator

Innosilicon offers up the A4 Dominator, which is another option that you might want to consider. This is also relatively lightweight, and it can provide users with a hashrate that is around 280Mh/s.

The Viper 50Mh/s from Alpha Technology

You will find that there are two versions of the Viper that are available today, and both could be great options for those who want to get into mining Litecoin. For those who are just getting started in this field, and who are unsure of just which one they should choose, the Viper 50Mh/s option is going to be ideal. This unit will only consume about 375 watts of power.

The Viper 250Mh/s from Alpha Technology

However, those who want to have a miner that is capable of doing a bit more work for them, and who are willing to pay the higher price might want to look into the other option from Viper. The 250Mh/s option provides quite a bit of speed, and it is still only going to be using 1,875 watts of power.

Titan Litecoin Miner from KnCMiner

Another one of the top options to consider is the Titan. This promises to deliver 100Mh/s, which makes it a good option for many miners whether they are just beginning or they have been mining cryptocurrency for a while now. One of the important things to note when you are choosing this miner is that it does not come with a power supply of its own, so you will need to supply it.

Working with a dedicated miner like this is always going to be the best choice. The days of using CPUs and graphics cards to mine any type of cryptocurrency are over. There simply isn’t enough power in those other devices to mine and to make any money for yourself. Instead, you need to choose a quality miner that does just one thing – mines – and does it well.

As you can see, you have some excellent choices when you are choosing your miner for Litecoin. Consider not only the speed of the miner, but also the quality and the overall cost.